Superior twin room type B


There is a terrace from which you can see the rural landscape and occasionally a quaint,
local train. Inside bathroom with a 100% natural hot spring-fed bath.
The room for 2 people is decorated with local artwork adding to the room’s stylish atmosphere.
It is a quiet setting where you can feel your senses awaken.
Inside bathroom with a 100% natural hot spring.

Occupancy: 2 person
Floor space: 55m2

Charateristics of Superior Twin Room Type B

Inside bathroom

In the spacious bathroom the use of timber adds to the feeling of warmth. You can enjoy the 100% natural hot spring whenever you want, as often as you want, 24 hours a day.
The large window gives you an open feeling. Looking out, you can enjoy the nature of Minami-Yufu which puts on different faces through the day and through the seasons.
Especially in the early morning, with a blanket of morning fog, you will experience a truly mysterious atmosphere.

The hot spring water of Matousou is pH 9.1 alkaline which is uncommon in this area.
Once immersed in the dense, hot spring water, your skin will become smooth as silk.


Facilities of Matousou


We have different amenities including shampoo, conditioner,
body soap with a relaxing aromatic fragrance, and a famous cosmetic maker’s lotions.
We also prepare extra towels for guest so they can enjoy the hot spring as
many times as they wish.

○ For all rooms
Bath towels, Face towel, Toothbrush sets, Yukata, Hanten(Over coat for Yukata), Slippers,
Hand soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Body cloth, Hairbrush,
Razors, Cosmetic Cotton and Cotton swabs, hair band, Hair dryer, lotion, latex lotion,
cleansing cream.


We are responding to our customer’s request to be able to “choose a cute Yukata
by ourselves.” A request made especially by female guests. In Matousou,
at the front desk, we have a selection of Yukata for women as well as
traditional Japanese tabi socks.

We have a variety of patterns, colors and sizes.
Please select the one you like and enjoy style and comfort of wearing
a Japanese Yukata. We also have regular Yukata in your rooms.

Free Wi-Fi

All rooms have access to Wi-Fi. By entering the ID and password we provide,
you can use it within the building.

Available medications

Since we are located in the countryside, we are far from pharmacies and
convenience stores.
If you feel unwell or a little hung-over, we can provide cold medicine or
medicine to help with digestion.

However, depending on your health condition or allergies,
it might have negative effects. Please read carefully about the type of medicine it is,
dosage and possible allergic reactions or side-effects.

If you have any concerns, please arrange your own medication.
If you are not feeling well, please inform staff at the front desk.

Other Facilities

  • Tea / Coffee
  • Charge
  • Room shoes
  • TV
  • Safe
  • Glasses / Cups
  • Shoehorn
  • Coat hangers
  • Deodorizer