Another house in Yufuin, to which you will want to return and where heart will be fulfilled.

The night’s darkness drifts over
In the morning, the day’s radiance is born
illuminating the surrounding farmland and the view of Mt. Yufu
Blue skies and starry skies
The gentle transitions make time shine with richness and beauty
You depart from daily life and for a while you feel relax
enjoying a retreat with those dear to you
Feel the meaning of Yufuin, feel the time of Yufuin in a wave of sparkles.

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It is different from a normal holiday It is a healing experience to unburden your heart and waken your senses.

Serene early afternoon. Scenic vistas welcome you.

Blue sky. White clouds. Abundant nature. Rolling, rural scenery. Once in a while, a train passes by.
You can feel time goes by very slowly here. In spring the snow melts and fresh young buds appear. In summer verdant greenery blankets Mt Yufu.
In autumn the colored leaves add earthy splashes of color. In winter the world outside is covered with snow.
You can witness the scenery changing through the four seasons and it will release your heart from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


So, let’s indulge in a little luxury without thinking of time.

You must be tired from your long trip.
From here on, it’s time to nourish your heart and body. When you open the door of Jiyuukan, you can feel the warmth of the wood and in the pleasant atmosphere.
You can relax.
We recommend taking a seat on the sofa in the entrance hall and, right before the sunset or as dawn approaches,
gaze at a sky which continuously and mysteriously changes color.


The hotspring water of Jiyuukan is pH 9.1 alkaline which is rare
in the Yufuin area.
Immersing yourself in the hotspring, your skin will feel as smooth as silk.
It’s just like a beauty treatment straight from nature.
In the comfort of the water, in the silence,
clear all your thoughts and feel your body returning to its origin.



During the night time, unlike a big city or town, there are no street lights so you will be enveloped in darkness.
Looking up, you can see star-filled skies.
The moonlit, rural scenery is also magical to see.
During the new moon, after the sunset, you can hear the wind, the musical sound of insects and sounds of rain nourishing the trees and grasses,
a natural symphony to calm your heart.


The meals at Jiyuukan are simple,
but the ingredients are local and seasonal,
carefully selected by the owner.
They are meals which highlight and celebrate
the flavors of these ingredients.
Using all your senses, you can luxuriate
in these wonderful offerings from nature.


Guest room

In spring, under the melting snow you can see fresh new buds forming.
In summer, the leaves dance in the wind. In autumn,
rice fields take on golden hues. In winter,
Mt Yufu is covered in the pure white of snow.
This is a place where you can be in your natural state,
relax your heart and feel the transition of the seasons
and the gentle passage of time.

Original wines which are made from the bounty of our vineyard.
The pleasures of locally-made food and wine and the natural scenery of Yufu outside form a harmonious marriage.

Guest room


In the quiet, clear air, wake up in the tender light filtering through the window. Feel the natural light, feel the weather and feel your being.
Breathe in the morning mist, and awaken your body. The new day is beginning.