Let’s give your skin a special reward. When you touch the water, you will be surprised by its density.It is a hotspring water which will make your skin beautiful.

All guest rooms have a bath fed by a 100% natural hotspring without any filtration or additives.
The characteristic of the water is its density, it is almost syrupy. The hotspring water of Matousou is pH 9.1 alkaline which is rare in the Yufuin area.

The alkaline hotspring water will soften and exfoliate tired skin and encourage skin regeneration.
It is said that it will remove dullness and leave your skin smooth and refreshed. Even when you don’t use a body soap,
just dipping into our hotspring water you can beautify your skin.

The baths are spacious, even for 2 adults reclining comfortably. You will feel like you are dipping into a beauty essence,
so please come and enjoy this luxurious experience.

Introducing 100% natural hot spring

Hot spring quality and effects.

Quality An alkalescent, basic spring
Effects Remove chronic pain and stiffness from muscles and joints.
Treat articular rheumatism, arthrosis, lower back pain, neuralgia, stiff and painful shoulders, bruises, sprains, muscle stiffness due to motor paralysis,
poor blood circulation, peripheral circulatory disturbance; peripheral circulatory failure, decline of gastrointestinal function(aggravation after eating
and gas in the intestines), mild high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild hypercholesterolaemia,
mild asthma or pulmonary emphysema, pain from hemorrhoids, symptoms caused by stress (sleep disorders or depression).
Help your body recover from illness and fatigue, restoring restoring your health and wellbeing.