Great cuisine, great conversation.
You will taste the full blessings from nature in Yufu and feel real joy.

The owner’s intimate knowledge of the local ingredients adds something extra special to the fusion of Japanese and Western cooking styles.
We want you to taste every nuance of the local ingredients, so we cook in the most simple way with mild seasoning, not adding anything extra.
With each bite, your body will absorb the delicious flavors and you will have the luxury of tasting the untainted, natural goodness of Oita.
Please enjoy your meal with warm conversation with someone special.

Information about meals.


The taste of our wines will impress you,use all of your senses to enjoy them to the fullest.

Oita’s famous Bungo beef. Dinner is a western-style dish, a steak of Bungo beef accompanied
by locally sourced ingredients from both the ocean and mountains.
Through the minimal use of seasoning you can truly appreciate the beauty of
the ingredients themselves and enjoy the richness of the nature of Yufuin.
Because it is a such a simple dish, the taste of our wine stands out.
“Yufu no Nemuri (Sleep of Yufu) which is made from the grapes of
the Matousou vineyard makes a wonderful accompaniment for vegetable and fish dishes,
but also goes well with meat. Please enjoy this marriage of local food and wine.

Winner of the 2017 Prime Minister’s award.The beef which is produced in Oita Prefecture is simply the best.

Bungo beef is raised on the richness of nature in Oita Prefecture. It is the best quality beef from a pedigree breed, raised with great care on a carefully selected diet.
At Jyuukan we serve select cuts of Bungo beef called “Itadaki”with a ranking above A4. It is a very delicately marbled, tender meat. Characteristics of the meat
are its smooth sweetness and texture which almost melts. In order to enjoy this highest quality ingredient, we serve it as a stake. Enjoy the richness of Oita.


In the clear air and silence,you can hear the gentle cooking sound,which is also the sound of happiness.

Breakfast is a French dish called pot-au-feu, a soup of meat and vegetables, cooked slowly.
It is a healthy breakfast with its many vegetables.
Colorful side dishes of more than 10 different styles add an array of flavors.
The sound of cooking from the pot and the fragrance of freshly cooked rice
will stimulate your appetite.
The miso paste and pickled vegetable are all hand made using local ingredient.

The rural cuisine from days of old will give you an energetic feeling after one bite
and the taste will wake you up gently from within.
When you experience this, you will eat carefully, savoring every mouthful.