About reservation

By what time can I make a reservation by phone?
Please make a reservation by 8pm on the previous day.
Can we use a room as a group?
Each room is for a maximum of two people. You can book up to 3 guest rooms for up to 6 people and if that is fine with you, we can accept a reservation.
Can I make a reservation on the day? If there is a vacancy, can I come without reservation?
We are very sorry but we require prior reservation. No reservations on the day.
Can I cancel?
Yes. Cancellations made 2 days or more prior to the booked date will be accepted without incurring a fee.
Cancellations due to extreme bad weather or due to cancellation of a public transportation, will not attract cancellation fees.
Reservations and cancellations can be made by phone from 10am to 8pm.

About check in/check out

What time is check in and check out?
Check in is 3:30pm, check out is 10am.
By what time can I check in?
The latest time you can start dinner is 6:30pm. Please check in by 6pm. If you will ber checking in after 6pm, please inform us by phone.
Can we leave our luggage before or after check-in/check-out?
If you give us a prior notice, it is possible.
Do you have free pick-ups from Yufuin station or Oita airport?
We are sorry to tell you that we do not offer a pick-up service. Please use public transportation or rent-a-car. For details, please see our access information.
Are there parking spaces for cars?
We have free outside parking space. If you have trouble locating the parking area, please come to the entrance and we can show you.

About guest rooms

Please let us know what type of room you have.
We have 2 western-style rooms and 1 Japanese-style room.
Do you have non-smoking rooms?
All rooms are non-smoking.
Do you have a humidifier and air purifier?
If requested, we will prepare them for you but it is not standard equipment of the room.
Do you have a refrigerator?
All the rooms have refrigerators.
How can we safely keep our valuables?
Please let us know at the front desk if you are concerned about any valuables. We can put them in safe storage for you.

About meals

What time is breakfast and dinner?
Starting time for breakfast is between 8am and 8:30am, starting time for dinner is 6pm through 6:30pm.
I have food allergy.
If you can inform us 2 days prior to your reservation, we will try our best to meet your dietary requirements.
Can we eat in our room?
We request all the guests to eat at the restaurant.
If we are staying for two or more nights in a row, do you provide us with different food?
Yes, of course. We will prepare different food for the second day. The dinner for the second night will be Shabu-shabu of Bungo beef.

About payment

By when can/should we settle the bill?
Payment can be accepted either when you make a reservation or when you check out.
Can we pay by credit card?
You can use fallowing types of credit card.
JCB, VISA, Master card, American Express, Diners Club, UFJ,UC,DC, Nichos.

About facilities/service

Can I use internet?
You can access WiFi throughout the buildings.
Can we rent a computer?
We are sorry, we do not provide any computers or tablet devices for rent.
Do you have any massage or beauty treatment?
Sorry, aside from the hot spring baths in each room, we don’t have any extra services for massage or beauty treatment.
Can we use a courier service?
Only if it is cash-on-delivery.
Can we use a wheel chair in the building?
It is not completely barrier free, but you may use it.
Other than Yukata, do you have Pajamas?
We only have Yukata.
Do you have any convenience store near by?
There are no convenience stores within walking distance, since we are located in the middle of rural scenery. Please buy what you need before you arrive.